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[Polyurethane water swelling additive for rubber water-stop]
IMPRESSION FSU-300E is Liquid hydrophilic Polyurethane water-stop for sheet file interlocks.
SPECIFICATION Perfect Water-stop sealing
Work safety : Thanks to elasticity and restoring force, actively deals with deformation
    of the structure.
Easy of application(with one-component system) : Being lightweight and having
    good adhesion to any structure makers for easy to work even it narrow spaces.
A Wide range of application : possible to apply in any weather or at any sites.
Semi-permanent life : Retains its original from even after repeated expansion.
USAGE Water swelling polymer
Polyurethane water swelling additive for rubber water-stop sealant
Water-stop sealant for civil construction
PROPERTIES Appearance : Light-Yellowish transference liquid.
Viscosity : 10,000±5,000 cPS/25°C
Solid Content(%) : 90±2
Solvent composition : Ethylacetate
SPECIFICATION OF CURING FILM Appearance : semi transference and soft film.
Physical Properties
    - Tensile Strength(Kgf/cm2) : over 10
    - Elongation(%) : over 450%
Curing Tine : inner 24hrs (RT, 75%RH)
Swelling Ratio(%, v/v) : over 500%(2Day dipping in water at RT)
HANDLING & STORAGE IMPRESSION FSU-300E can be stored for 6 months at below 25°C
Please avoid exposure to humidity or temperature above 50°C for long time.
Please avoid contamination of water and alcohol.
The product is very sensitive to air, therefore you must use all the product after
    open the container.
Packing : 18kg Can, 200Kgs/Drum
NOTICE The above enclosed system are designed to help you select system for typical system.
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