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HYPER SEAL FSU-300 PU water swelling additive for rubber water-stop
HYPER SEAL FSU-390 Liquid hydrophilic PU water-stop for sheet file interlocks
"HYPER SEAL" is a water-stop sealing product mainly made of specific rubbers, showing double working water-stop effects with more excellent water-stop performance and ease of application than conventional stop plates.
The elasticity of rubber can bring the watertight sealing action between construction joints and show a perfect water-stop performance by completely sealing gaps and waterways around joint, maintaining watertight up to 2-10 times on contact with water flowing into joints.
It is real condition you cannot expect a perfect water-stop effect with one kind of product at construction sites, including civil engineering or construction and special structure on the whole.
At this point, we produce a variety of products to be applied by each condition of construction sites and the part of application.
Perfect Water-stop sealing : Shows the double working water-stop performance.
Work safety : Thanks to elasticity and restoring force, actively deals with deformation of the structure.
Ease of application to :Being lightweight and having good adhesion to any structure makers for easy to work even it narrow spaces.
A Wide range of application : possible to apply in any weather or at any sites.
Semipermanent life : Retains its original from even after repeated expansion.
A water expanded sealing material "Hyper Seal" absorbs and expands it self so as to adhere closely to the contact surface of a structure, showing the water-stop performance.
Hardness (HS) Tensile Strength(kgf/cm2) Elongation (%) Expansion Rate by Volume (%) Expansion Rate by Volume in sea water (%)
DR Series 45 ± 10 25 600 200 ~ 400 100 ~ 200
DP Series 50 ± 10 - - 400 100
DS Series 33 ~ 55 25 600 300 ~ 800 100 ~ 300

Specific Gravity Heat-resistance Test Cold-resistance Test Expansion Rate by Volume (%)
Variation Rate of Length Deformity of Appearance
DB Series 1.35 ± 5% No Abnormality No Abnormality 400
BR Series 1.2 ± 5% No Abnormality No Abnormality 50

Use Product and Shape
(W x D mm)
Description Packing(Box)
Rubber Water Stop Materials
Construction Joint DP-2010(20 x 10)
Note pre-expansion before secondary CON'C cast 25M x 4 ROLL
DP-2010N(20 x 10)
Restrain the expansion in length way by the insertion of a stainless net in case of pre-expansion 5M x 4 ROLL
DP-2010NH(20 x 10)
Needs sea water expansion in sea water area construction 25M x 4 ROLL
DP-2020(20 x 20)
The part with wide CON’C 25M x 2 ROLL
Expansion Joint DP-2030(30 x 30)
DP-6030(60 x 30)
Choose the product that is 1.25 times or more as large as the expansion joint 50x50, 60x60 and other sizes are available by order 10M x 2 ROLL
10M x 1 ROLL
Shield TunnelSegment DS-2025(25 x 2)
DS-3020(20 x 3)
DS-4020-2.5C(20 x 4)
DS-6020-2.5C(20 x 6)
Specify the site condition in case sea water.Good corner adhesion, excellent durability and water pressure resistance 50M x 5 ROLL
25M x 8 ROLL
25M x 8 ROLL
15M x 8 ROLL
Vertical Joint
Expansion Joint
Easy to deal with expansion joints floor mat connection part, vertical joint, the outer part of a double wall 30M/ROLL
Form Tie
Flat Tie
DPR-012(ø 12)
DPR-318(18 x 3)
ø7.5, ø16
Should be tight when inserting into a bolt. 2,000 EA
2,000 EA
Bentonite Water Stop Materials
Construction Joint
Pipe Sleeve
DB-2015(20 x 15)
DB-2520(25 x 20)
Specify the site condition in case sea water.
Excellent adhesion and easy to apply to rough surfaces.
Adhesive tape type(Prevention of sagging)
Need precaution against rainy time
10M x 4 ROLL
7.5M x 4 ROLL
Butyl seal
Construction Joint BR-2507(25 x 7)
BR-2510(25 x 10)
Low expansion(50-70%)
Excellent adhesion and easy to apply to rough surfaces.
No change in physical properties in spite of Wet/Dry repetition.
20M x 4 ROLL
15M x 4 ROLL
1-Component Cured Type Water Stop Materials
Pipe sleeve,
H-shape Steel,
Crack Maintenance,
Expansion Joint,
Rib Lath Connection part
(Sealant Type)
Excellent adhesion; capable various application at any sites.
Even the irregular surfaces; Easy to apply
320 ml Cartridge
x 25PCS
Water Stop Material for Sheet Pile
For Sheet pile DPS-1000(Liquid)
Temporary sheet pile
Sea water expanding is required at the sea water area construction.
Permanent sheet pile, Compleat sea water
20 kg PAIL
20 kg PAIL
20 kg PAIL
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